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Custom Metal Fabrication & Weldments

Snag-free industrial fiber cleaning washer tube sub-assembly fabricationASME fabrication manway aluminum pressure vessel specialty TIG GTAW welding
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Heavy Plate Fabrications - Any Size, Any Specifications

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers – Design, Fabrication, Installation


Industrial Condensers - Design and Fabrication

Fab and install water box for power plantNuclear power plant fabricated manway for surface condenser heat exchanger

Industrial Evaporators – Design & Fabrication

Reboiler Fabrication – Design & Manufacture

Custom Pressure Vessels – Design & Fabrication

ASME PVHO diver training tank human occupancy
Hydrostatic test tank pressure vessel

Specialty Welding Contractor – Industrial & Marine

Pressure vessel weldingHeat exchanger carbon TIG welded nozzleHeat exchanger carbon TIG welding
Stainless steel weldingASME packed column tower pressure vessel stainless steel weldingStainless steel fabrication welding wastewater treatment plant pipe spoolsASME sectionVIII pressure vessel stainless steel alloys TIG welding

Field & Installation Services

Field installation sub-assemblies rail car enclosureFull service project management 120 ton crane field installation sub-assemblies rail car enclosure
Shop fabrication field install fabricator piping combustion air natural gas oxygen cooling water

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Repair & Maintenance

Custom design and fabricated heat exchanger parts 3000 tubes tubesheetReplacement shell and tube heat exchangerShell and tube heat exchanger bundle repair pipe fittingShell and tube heat exchanger NB repair titanium tubesSHECO R stamp retube acid cooler heat exchanger

Riggins Professional Project Management

R stamp add saddles openings crane liftCustom industrial manufacturer full service project managementDesign fabrication project management
Petrochemical stainless steel separator ASME pressure vessel

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance passivationShell and tube heat exchanger liquid dye penetrant test PT quality assuranceVT visual weld inspection quality test energy pipline launch tube