Design Services – Industrial Fabrications                        

Riggins Company has a passion for design.  We provide integrated engineering and fabrication services. Our team includes structural, mechanical and chemical engineers.

Benefits of Riggins Custom-to-the-Core process:

Quality Products:
We generate high quality shop drawings for every single project, which results in consistent quality delivered to customers. 
Cost Savings:
From estimating to design to project management, our designs are created for efficient fabrication, which saves customers on material cost and manufacturing time. Using our custom build services will help you avoid change orders.
Project Efficiency: 
Working with our project managers and design team at the outset of a project allows Riggins to select the best materials and methods for your fabrication. Our foresight in design leads to quality fabrications, delivered on-time
On-Time Delivery:  
Your project will be delivered on-time. We provide regular progress reports to your project team from project inception to final delivery.

Custom To The Core

Riggins brings best practices and expertise from over 35 years of experience that enables clients to see things differently and with greater clarity.

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