Quality Assurance

Adherence to Codes 
Without strict adherence to manufacturing and installation codes and specifications, no project can achieve success.  Riggins’ design, project management, quality and operations staffs assure that applicable requirements are met.  From compliance to cleanliness standards for a NASA oxygen feed system, to an ASME Section VIII, Division 2 pressure vessel for lethal service, to NAVSEA requirements for the propulsion system of our nation’s aircraft carriers, Riggins delivers world class quality.
Stringent inspection testing
Whether it is x-ray or ultrasonic testing of welds, tensile and bend testing of weld coupons, dry film testing of specialized coatings systems or a 10,000 psi hydrostatic test of a pressure vessel, Riggins quality personnel are trained and qualified to inspect and document the full range of testing. 
Commitment to continuous improvement
Riggins' management philosophy is built around Lean manufacturing and operating principles.  Our company actively engages its employees, customers, and vendors in the continuous improvement process.  Our belief is that there is just “one right way,” and we pursue that “one right way” on every task, big or small.

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