Custom Metal Fabrication & Weldments

Highly custom metal fabricators

For half a century, Riggins Company has been manufacturing, repairing, modifying and installing custom metal fabrications and weldments. We excel in highly custom metal fabrication projects that require creative solutions.

Expertise in:

  • Heavy Plate Fabrications 
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers 
  • Condensers 
  • Evaporators 
  • Reboilers 
  • Pressure Vessels 
  • Specialty Welding 
  • Nuclear clean rooms 
  • Aerospace 
  • Marine 
  • Structural 
  • Ventilation


Heater liner installationRespirator safety precaution install heater liner insulationCustom heat exchanger manufacturer bevel flanged and flued head for expansion jointSpray cooled custom stainless steel heat exchanger fabrication on tank rollersAmmonia effluent cooler nitrogen production plant channel side cage3000 psi carbon steel industrial syngas knock out pot pressure vesselPrimed carbon steel industrial syngas knock out pot pressure vessel
Hastelloy replacement shell nozzle ASME pressure vessel manufacturerBaffle shell and tube heat exchanger fabrication and repairSnag-free industrial fiber cleaning washer tube sub-assembly fabricationASME fabrication manway aluminum pressure vessel specialty TIG GTAW welding